Roxanne "Roxy" Morton was a Kingsman agent by the codename of Lancelot. She was recruited for Kingsman by agent Percival. She is one of the protagonists in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Little is known about Roxy's background, although it is evident she came from a fairly well-to-do family. Roxy is close friends with Gary "Eggsy" Unwin. She is portrayed by Sophie Cookson.


Roxanne "Roxy" Morton was born on September 22, 1992 to a reasonably wealthy family in England. Very little is known about her childhood, though a military background has been implied. It is evident that Roxy has a profound fear of heights, which she references may have been founded by having jumped from a plane sometime earlier in her life.

Recruitment for Kingsman

Roxy was recruited by the Kingsman agent Percival to compete for the open position of Lancelot. She was one of only two girls chosen. She also befriends Eggsy Unwin during her recruitment. When the cadets were instructed to pick a dog, she picked a poodle. Eggsy sniggered at this, but she retorted back by telling him poodles were the oldest working breed of gun-dog.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Upon arrival at the candidates' living quarters, Roxy was the first to approach Eggsy and introduce herself, reassuring him that the overwhelmingly grim instructions were simply scare tactics and advising him to simply ignore the jeers of the other snobbish recruits. She's one of the three candidates who take life preserving action when the dorm is rapidly flooded later that night and appears shaken when it's revealed that their lack of teamwork cost the life of one of the candidates.

Though visibly frightened and ultimately requiring Eggsy's assistance during an exercise involving jumping from a plane and one by one discovering which person was not equipped with a parachute, Roxy's seen to excel throughout the different tests that take place over the months, landing her in the top three where she and Eggsy move past rival Charlie Hesketh in a simulation designed to test their loyalty to the agency via being tied to train tracks with freedom offered in exchange for information on their mentors. In the end, her willingness to shoot her dog when instructed to do so won her the title of Lancelot.

Roxy's seen at headquarters with former trainer Merlin when Eggsy travels back to show them the late Arthur's phone, pointing a gun at him and only lowering it when Merlin reassures her of his intentions. Realizing they'd be unable to trust any other agents and would need to take matters into their own hands, Merlin equips her with a mechanism strapped to high-altitude balloon that she'd use to float into the stratosphere in order to disrupt Valentine's impending broadcast by destroying one of his satellites, while Eggsy and Merlin infiltrate Valentine’s mountain bunker complex in northern Siberia. Roxy downs the satellite, but Valentine persuades a business contact to replace it and activates the signal, causing mayhem worldwide. Having landed safely back on earth, Roxy is instructed by Eggsy to call his mum and tell her to lock herself away from Dean and the baby. She is last seen celebrating over the phone after Eggsy secures Valentine's demise, and Merlin congratulates the two of them.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Since the events of the last film, Roxy has become a full agent, and has taken up residence at the Kingsman Headquarters.

In an attempt to impress his girlfriend's parents over dinner, Eggsy had Roxy feed him information on sophisticated topics (via earpiece and glasses) while she discussed what research she'd done on the Golden Circle. Eggsy sends a message reading "ur da best" and when queried whether he means best agent or best friend, he replies that Roxy is both, to which she simply smiles.

After Charlie's Cybernetic Arm hacked the Kingsman network, the Golden Circle launched ICBMs on all Kingsman residences and locations in an effort to exterminate them, including the Kingsman mansion headquarters which she was residing in. Alerted of the missile's approach, Roxy is last seen darting out of bed before the mansion explodes and crumbles into the underground bunker.


Shortly after Roxy's death, Eggsy and Merlin make a toast to honour Roxy, along with JB, Arthur and the other 8 fallen Kingsman agents. Towards the end of The Golden Circle, Eggsy kills Charlie, avenging Roxy.





  • Roxy is right-handed, as Harry explains that all Kingsman Agents wear their ring on whatever hand is dominant; in The Golden Circle Roxy can be seen wearing the ring on her right hand.
  • Roxy suffered from acrophobia, which nearly cost her position during the third-to-last test.