Michelle Unwin is Eggsy’s mother. After the death of her first husband Lee Unwin, Michelle entered into an abusive marriage with Dean Baker, and gave birth to Daisy Baker.

Kingsman: The Secret Service


When she learned of her husbands death from Harry Hart, she was distraught, and rejected the medal from the Kingsman agency. Therefore it was given to her next of kin, Eggsy.

Dating Dean

At some point, she began dating Dean Baker and gave birth to Daisy Baker (probably one to two years prior to the events of the film). Though never intending for her son to be hurt through her decisions, it's evident that Dean's carried on a campaign of physical and emotional abuse towards Eggsy over their years of being in close quarters, with his friends recounting how Dean can easily have his gang of thugs beat Eggsy without taking any of the blame for it from Michelle. Michelle's seen turning a blind eye on the antagonist dynamic between her son and husband in preference of keeping things peaceful, though she runs over to try and warn Eggsy to leave before Dean attacks and threatens both of them with a meat cleaver.

Michelle is overjoyed to see Eggsy once he returns home from his failed Kingsman campaign, though attempts to hide the bruise over her eye and discourages Eggsy from confronting Dean.

Valentine's Attack

With Richmond Valentine in the process of activating his sim cards, Michelle receives a call from Roxy Morton who instructs her to lock her daughter in the bathroom, and to throw away the key. When the card is activated, Michelle began banging on the bathroom door, soon after retrieving a meat cleaver and beginning to hack through the wood while Daisy cried in terror behind it. She manages to tear through the door and approach Daisy with the cleaver raised before the signal is cut off. Horrified, Michelle's seen holding Daisy in her arms and kissing her, apologizing and promising that she'd never hurt her.


Following the conclusion of the film, Michelle's seen sitting in the Black Prince pub with Dean and his gang when Eggsy approaches donned in his Kingsman attire, sparking Dean's ridicule and aggression when he invites Michelle to come live with him in his new house. Michelle looks on in astonishment while Eggsy slings a glass straight into Dean's face and challenges the remaining thugs to a fight.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Michelle only appears in the final scene of the film, seen tearfully applauding among the guests of Eggsy's wedding.