Kingsman Vol. 2 - The Red Diamond is a spy comic book series written by Mark Millar. There will be six issues released.


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Published: September 6, 2017.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (starring Channing Tatum and Colin Firth)is in cinemas in September, and we’re launching the sequel to the hit comic book series by MARK MILLAR and DAVE GIBBONS with KINGSMAN: THE RED DIAMOND. Working-class super-spy Eggsy follows in his mentor’s footsteps but is still rough around the edges for a Kingsman agent. Rejected by his high school crush and hot on the heels of a rescue mission to save Prince Phillip, he embarks on an international terror plot in a story that starts where James Bond draws the line. ROB WILLIAMS (Suicide Squad, Action Comics) and SIMON FRASER take the helm for this stunning six-issue miniseries.[1]

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Published: October 11, 2017

When super-hacker Alias shows up in New York's financial district, Eggsy's the Kingsman agent sent to stop him. But with Red Diamond's henchman pursuing the same target, things are about to get tricky for our novice spy. Will Eggsy save the day and woo sexy agent Kwaito, or will the hackers plunge the world into darkness before he gets the chance? This is the high-octane, rocket-propelled second installment of KINGSMAN.[2]

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Published: November 8, 2017

With the world's computers wiped out and its cities plunged into darkness, a group of mining magnates is summoned to a secret destination in the depths of Hunan Province. Determined to find The Red Diamond and restore order in the streets, Eggsy and Kwaito disguise themselves as rich jewel tycoons and jump in a helicopter headed for China. There, awaiting them, is a VHS tape— one that will blow their mission wide open. Issue number three of this unstoppable, action-packed miniseries contains violence, explosions, flying wingsuits, and vintage jets.[3]

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