Ginger (later known as Agent Whiskey) is a member of Statesman. She is portrayed by Halle Berry in the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle. She used to act as the tech expert to Statesman, just as Merlin did for Kingsman.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

She is first seen walking into the control room adjacent to a smaller interrogation like room. Then she tells Agent Tequila that the stories of Merlin and Eggsy check out and that they are really Kingsman after all as she is seen holding a Kingsman Umbrella in her hand.





  • Her real name is Elizabeth as revealed in The Golden Circle official novelization.
  • She was originally meant to become romantically involved with Merlin throughout the events of the film, but due to a near four hour finished project, much of the original film was cut - including the entirety of Ginger's romance storyline. The details of this plot can still be found in The Golden Circle official novelization.
  • Her code name is, in-fact a flat out reference to the drink Ginger Ale, similar to Jack Daniels/Whiskey, whose code name is a reference the drink Whiskey.