Amelia is a character in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service. She is portrayed by Fiona Hampton. Amelia works for the Kingsman in the tech department in Berlin.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

First and only seen in the first movie,Amelia known as one of the next candidates for a suitable agent in Kingsman.After offering Eggsy a pen,she introduced two herself to Eggsy.Before walking away.she telling Eggsy to ignore Charlie and the other man candidates.

On the first dangerous test assigned by Merlin, she and the other candidates waking up after noticed about the water. While everyone(except Eggsy) swimming their way into the toilet,Amelia is not seen to be with them.After Eggsy breakthe glass and completed the test,Merlin revealed about her death,caused by drowning.

While everyone continue their training,she figuratively out of the training and sent to work for the non-action based elements of the Berlin branch of the Kingsman. Her 'death' serves this purpose for everyone applying in the Kingsman program. Merlin points out that everyone only thought about finding a way out rather than assisting each other, which can prove fatal for some team members as what happened in the first three minutes of the move. Harry Hart told Eggsy that Amelia faked her death in order to emphasize how seriously the others should take this course. She is not seen again afterwards.