"Manners... maketh... man. Let me translate that for you."
― Daniels starting the bar fight

Jack Daniels, also known under his codename Agent Whiskey, is the tritagonist turned tertiary antagonist in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He was the highest-ranking in the secret American spy agency Statesman and a double agent who had the intention to take revenge on the drug addicts due to the death of his wife and unborn child - while also financially profiting from the elimination of drugs due to his shares in Statesman whiskey. He is portrayed by Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal.



Jack Daniels had a relationship with his High School sweetheart. Their relationship grew strong and Jack's girlfriend became pregnant. He was very happy until one day, when his girlfriend was shopping at a grocery store, two meth addicts came and robbed the store and she was caught in the crossfire of the two meth junkies trying to rob the place - killing her and the unborn child inside her. This caused Daniels, who had now lost everything - to develop a deep hatred for drugs and drug addicts.

Daniels eventually became an agent of the spy agency "Statesman", getting the title "Agent Whiskey". During his time at the agency, Whiskey became proficient in the use of whip and lasso. Whenever an agent position was opening, Whiskey voted against fellow spy Ginger Ale taking over the position, keeping her in her position of a surveillance agent.

Fight against the Golden Circle

When the British counterpart of the Statesmen, the Kingsmen, are wiped out except for Merlin and Eggsy, they team up with the Statesmen in order to eliminate the crime syndicate Golden Circle. In order to find their hideout, Eggsy and Agent Whiskey - who is currently at the New York headquarter - are sent to keep an eye on one of the Circle's main villains, Charlie Hesketh. They believe that Hesketh is still in contact with his girlfriend Clara Von Gluckfberg. The two track down the girl to Glastonbury music festival, where both Whiskey and Eggsy try to seduce her to implant her with a tracker. Whiskey confidently tells Eggsy to "watch and learn" from him before trying to seduce Clara. He's blown off immediately and is an amusingly poor flirt; additionally, Ginger remarks that "I t's nice to have an agent who knows what he's doing", mentioning Whiskey for contrast, as she and Merlin listen to Eggsy in bed with Clara. It's possible this is Whiskey losing his touch over the years, with his pregnant spouse's untimely death as a factor.

Whiskey supports Eggsy through his objectives and creates a good rapport with him. After Harry Hart regains his memory, Whiskey supports Harry in a bar fight as Harry's co-ordination is not working properly. He effortlessly fights off the hostile bar goers and this managed to gain him the trust of his colleagues.

After realizing that the Golden Circle has distributed poisoned drugs all over the world and is now blackmailing the world with the antidote, the Statesmen hope that the tracker inside Clara will lead them to Hesketh and, accordingly, to the Golden Circle. Eventually, the Statesmen actually track down Clara and Hesketh to a secret lab in the mountains of Italy. Whiskey, Eggsy and Harry Hart head there. Although Eggsy actually manages to infiltrate the facility while Whiskey keeps watch, and steals a phial of the antidote, their infiltration is realized. On their way out, their lift is hacked by Hesketh, causing it to spin wildly, like a centrifuge. Whiskey and Eggsy are captured inside the spinning lift and almost die because of the pressure. In the last moment, Whiskey grabs his whip, electrocutes it and rips through the window and the wires holding the lift. The cabin drops to the ground and crashes, causing it to slide down the mountainside to retirement resort. To stop the cabin from sliding, Eggsy presses Whiskey against the hole in the glass and opens his parachute, causing the cabin to slowly slow down.

After emerging from the cabin alive, Whiskey and Eggsy head to a nearby log cabin where they wait for Harry to arrive. While they do so, they inspect the phial of the antidote. Whiskey asks Eggsy to give it to him but before Eggsy can do so, Harry arrives. Looking out of the window, Whiskey realizes that several of Golden Circle henchmen have turned up outside of the cabin. Whiskey jumps up and tackles Eggsy to the ground - breaking the phial in the process - and saves his life as bullets shred the cabin walls to pieces just secods later. As the fire continues, Whiskey tells Eggsy and Harry to provide him with cover. He then heads outside, revolvers drawn, and takes out all of the henchmen in spectacular fashion. Inside the cabin, meanwhile, Harry, who is still recovering from his headshot and memory loss, tells the shocked Eggsy that Whiskey is a double agent. Eggsy does not believe it and is horrified when Harry shoots Whiskey in the head when Whiskey comes back into the cabin.

After providing Whiskey with first aid in the form of Alpha-Gel - which ensures Whiskey's survival but also causes temporal amnesia, the group returns to the Statesman. As Hesketh has meanwhile blown up the lab, they need another way to find an antidote. They plan to get it from Poppy Adams, leader of the Golden Circle whose hideout they have located in the forests of Cambodia. While Harry, Eggsy and Merlin fly to Cambodia, Whiskey regains consciousness in the Statesman headquarter. His brain loss is reversed by Ginger Ale who traumatizes him by showing him a photo of his dead wife. Snapping back into his real identity, Whiskey storms out of the building after learning that the group has located Poppy Adams. He flies after them, claiming that Eggsy needs backup.

Final Fight and Death

When arriving at Poppy Land, however, he finds all Golden Circle members (including Poppy and Charlie) already dead, and Eggsy and Harry about to open the case containing the protocol to unleash the antidote. Whiskey uses his lasso and throws it around Hart's neck, aiming a gun at Eggsy while doing so. He demands the suitcase, revealing that Harry was correct in his deduction of him working alone and reveals he wants to use the opportunity to kill all drug users to bring closure for the deaths of his wife and unborn child who would be Eggsy's age. He also expects the stock price of Statesmen whiskey to rise after the elimination of all other drugs since people will now depend more on alcohol for recreational purposes, which would make him and other Statemen agents rich.

However, before Whiskey can destroy the case, Eggsy distracts him by seemingly agreeing with his point until he temporarily blinds him with the flash of his agent's watch. Whiskey electrocutes his lasso but Harry removes it from his head before it can kill him. A battle between the three agents ensues, in which Whiskey manages to catch Eggsy's head with his whip. He throws the whip into the nearby meat grinder, causing it to slowly suck Eggsy in. Before Eggsy is ripped apart by the grinder, however, Harry shoots through the whip. Now free, Eggsy joins the fight against Whiskey. The two are able to take him down in a combined effort, ending with the both of them smashing Whiskey into the meat grinder, killing him.

After his death, Ginger Ale takes over the position of "Agent Whiskey", turning her into a field agent.

Skills and Abilities

Whiskey was trained as a Statesman, and possessed great wit and strength to be regarded as one of their best agents.

  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant- He was skilled enough to fend off a mob of hostile bar goers and not get a scratch on him. He was also capable of holding his own against two Kingsmen at once for a short while before he was overpowered and killed.



Whiskey demonstrates his exceptional gun-wielding skill.

Lasso - He carried around a whip/lasso that he could use to fend off multiple opponents: the lasso could also be activated so it became charged with electricity—strong enough to cut someone in half. He was skilled enough to catch objects in midair with the lasso, or pull objects using it.

  • Guns - He had two double-barreled revolvers, which he could use to deadly effect against hordes of enemies—he could spin the revolver in his hand whilst shooting it.




  • It turns out he has an irrational dislike towards Ginger, due to reasons not fully explored. He's vocally unsupportive whenever she makes attempts to get herself assigned to fieldwork and places disproportionate blame on her for certain things going wrong. However, when he wakes up with his memories as an adult erased after Harry guns him down, he's clearly attracted to Ginger; he shoots out flirty line upright, calling her gorgeous, and starts hitting on her with hilarious aggression. Ginger quickly snaps him out of it.
  • His name (Jack Daniels) is possibly a reference to the brand of American whisky of the same name an allusion to his codename.
  • Signs of his true nature are seen earlier in the movie.
    • He is clearly not pleased by the mission to stop Poppy.
    • He asked to hold the antidote when Eggsy held it.
    • He deliberately tossed the antidote out of Eggsy's hands to destroy it.